1. Tree House
    Sam Qs feat. Taylor Jackson

  2. Beauty and Blood EP
    Luchi & Raizer

  3. Hommage EP
    Deeper Beats & RonneDeep

  4. Groove Nation 2021
    Various Artists

  5. Deep Digging EP
    Luchi & Raizer

  6. Odyssey EP
    Beekay Deep

  7. Soulful House Vol. 2
    Grooveland Series

  8. Place of Love
    Carlos Francisco feat. Mr. V

  9. Tru Luv EP
    Luchi & Raizer

  10. Soulution Deluxe Album

  11. Life Remixed

  12. Can You Feel it
    BSC & Sterling Ensemble feat. Nadine Navarre

  13. The Magpie & the Squirrel
    Sam Qs feat. Maya

  14. Puzzle EP

  15. Home Made Love
    BSC feat. Marie Tweek

  16. Deep & Jazzy
    Savio Buonomo

  17. Groove Nation 2019

  18. Deep House Vol.2
    Grooveland Series

  19. You got what you give
    BSC feat. Heidi Vogel

  20. Believer
    Beekay Deep

  21. Free at Last
    Alex Cristiano feat. Velma Danzo

  22. Jazz in Groove Vol.2
    Various Artists

  23. Space
    Ars Domini feat. Mari Aguiar

  24. My Africa
    Antonio Lyons feat. Refilwe Madumo

  25. Life EP

  26. From Brazil to the World
    Brazilian Soul Crew

  27. Afro & Latin House Vol.1
    Various Artists

  28. Wondering
    Citysounds feat. Natasha Watts

  29. Te Siento
    Beekay Deep feat. Vagelita

  30. Soulful House Vol.1
    Grooveland Series

  31. Unpredictable Love
    RoneeDeep feat. Ammo Moses

  32. Groove Nation 2018

  33. Reality EP
    Beekay Deep

  34. Deep House Vol. 1
    Grooveland Series

  35. Children of the Sun
    Anto Vitale

  36. Pickpocket (The Remixes)
    Sam Qs feat. Vanessa Zagatto

  37. The Heat
    Callvin feat. Ricardo Cassal

  38. Sweet Ebony
    Deepn SoulBR feat. Robert Carvalho

  39. Groove Lounge Vol.2

  40. See the Light
    Luchi & Raizer

  41. Iroke (House Mixes)
    Edground feat. Airily

  42. Party with Me

  43. Grooveland Miami 2018

  44. Love Is All I Feel
    Khulile feat. Zanele Khumalo

  45. Luv is Around EP
    Luchi & Raizer

  46. Less Than
    BSC feat Rainy Payne

  47. Groove Nation 2017

  48. You & Me Remixed (Abicah Soul & DJ Spinna)
    BSC feat Jessi Colasante

  49. One EP

  50. Howslife EP
    Andre Luchi & Daniel Raizer

  51. Hammond Attack

  52. Believe EP
    Ars Domini

  53. Pickpocket
    Sam Qs feat. Vannessa Zagatto

  54. Groove Lounge Vol.1

  55. Curato Groove

  56. I Can’t T Live Without Your Love

  57. Jazz in Groove Vol.1
    Various Artists

  58. 10 Years of House Music

  59. 10 Years of Soulful House
    Various Artists

  60. 10 Years of Deep House
    Various Artists

  61. Unnamed Feelings

  62. Samba of Love
    Sam Qs feat. Taylor Jackson

  63. The Real Life
    Ars Domini

  64. Rising Sun
    Stephen Rigmaiden feat. Sam 7

  65. Groovemental

  66. The Way I Like

  67. Diaskari Sunsets EP

  68. Take it Back
    Ars Domini

  69. Summer Nights
    Carlos Vargas feat. Danny

  70. 8 Years of Grooveland

  71. Come Back
    Paris Cesvette ft. Robert Carvalho

  72. Eu Soul (South African Edition)
    BSC feat. Andre

  73. Jazz Tale EP
    Deep'n Soul BR

  74. Grooveland Miami 2013

  75. Rest Your Mind Remixed
    SoulBasics feat. Kyla Sexton

  76. Deep inside ur love
    Nayre Wiclef feat JAMON

  77. Athens Keys EP

  78. Have to Talk
    Jon Silva

  79. Take me Home
    DJ Garphie feat George Sida

  80. Perspective EP

  81. Iroke
    Edground feat Airily

  82. Zeekizira
    Azee Project

  83. Afroxé
    Azee Project

  84. The Phusion EP

  85. City lite EP

  86. You & Me
    BSC feat Jessi Colasante

  87. Wishy Washy Guy
    Nick Doe feat. Shereen Shabana

  88. Afrobrazil EP

  89. Rest Your Mind
    SoulBasics feat. Kyla Sexton

  90. A Trip to Sao Paulo EP
    DJ Mtshepang

  91. People Dancing
    Licksamba & Tommy Largo feat J.a.m.o.n

  92. Going Nowhere
    Matthew Bandy feat. Johnathan Houston

  93. Jump
    BSC feat. Allegra

  94. Monjolinho EP
    BSC presents Daniel Reis

  95. Dema Remixes
    Jay Tripwire feat Boddi Sathva

  96. Desabafo (Guy Robin Remixes)

  97. Alucinada de Prazer
    Steven Stone feat. Elisangela

  98. Dema
    Jay Tripwire feat Boddi Sathva

  99. Say Goodbye
    Tarek & Ramirez feat. Cristina Soto

  100. BSC feat Andre - Eu Soul (Brazilian Remixes)

  101. Eu Soul
    BSC feat Andre

  102. Desabafo

  103. So Lonely II
    Domenico Navarra feat. Monique Henry

  104. So Lonely I
    Domenico Navarra feat. Monique Henry

  105. Cisco Bay
    Soul Basics

  106. All Things Praise
    KC Jackson

  107. Rare Soul
    Jarrier Modrow


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